Is cheating a mistake or a choice? Have you ever been cheated by someone which includes your friends, relatives, business partner, life partner or anyone else? Or have you cheated someone? It goes both ways. Everyone in this world has cheated someone at some point of time in their entire life and no one is exception to this. Sometimes we cheat people consciously and sometimes it happens just by mistake. Now, tell me one thing with your hand on the heart is cheating a choice or a mistake?

Any kind of relationship is defined as a connection between two people but when you lie, you are breaking that bond. How come lie can be termed as a mistake then? It’s a choice which you have made because you don’t value the relation.  Either we lie to escape from the situation or we have some personal motive behind it. I personally feel, people who are gutless can’t speak truth in any situation and to hide that lie they enter into an ocean of lies.

Infidelity: A person who cheats on their partner either for emotional connection or sexual pleasure how come it can be termed as a mistake? It’s purely a choice and can strain your marriage permanently and also affects your kid. When a person is unfaithful in the relationship, reason can be anything like your marriage is not working out or you got weak in the moment or temporary excitement. It was in your hand to cheat or remain faithful.  You could have avoided it but you continue to betray your partner. Cheating is morally wrong and unethical.

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When you betray someone for your own profits:

A friend of mine was betrayed by someone he trusted the most in the business deal. You must have often come across such situations in life, where a person demonstrated trustworthiness, but deceived you for their own selfish motive. Was it a choice or a mistake? Obviously it was a choice; you fell in someone’s trap whose main purpose was to cheat you for their personal gains. That person, who betrayed you, will never be able to earn your respect forever.

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Hiding something:

If you are hiding something from your parents or your close ones, it’s going to lead to a cheating moment. It’s not a mistake, you have made that choice. Lying and hiding something, may be the agenda is to protect their feelings but, how will they feel when they will come to know the real facts. Even secretly messaging someone or flirting is also considered as a part of cheating. Can you disclose this to your partner? Keeping things to you in order to hide something will cause trust issues in the near future.

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In the end I would like to conclude, cheating is a habit, it’s not a onetime thing. If you are unhappy in a relation better to sort it out because infidelity will cause more chaos. Cheating someone in the business can turn out to be very harmful in the future and can have legal repercussions as well.

I do believe in one thing what we do, comes back to us. So why to cheat people, try admitting your mistake once or the fears you have inside. It will make you light and give you a good feeling.

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