3 Bollywood Couples Who Got Engaged but Never Got Married to Each Other!!



It’s no top-secret that the love lives of Bollywood’s elite couple have encompassed numerous boisterous romances, breakups and patch ups. Hindi Cinema is as much a land of storms and baffling anonymities. Be it the movies, or the celebs who are the reason behind the success of a movie, audience have always been gripped with Bollywood, and the enigmatic lives led by movie-stars. Here’s a list of the powerful celebrity couples who had all the intentions to get married:

Salman Khan & Sangeeta Bijlani

The Dabangg star has romanced several beautiful women off-screen, his affairs have grabbed a lot of attention. He has been associated to many actresses in the past, but the actor is not willing to walk the aisle. But there was one heroine he was very serious to get married to and take a plunge. The love story of Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani goes back to the 1990’s when the dabangg star was engaged to Sangeeta and was ready to experience the marital heaven.

Salman was madly in love with Sangeeta and was almost married to her. The scheduled date of the wedding was 27th May 1994, the wedding invites were also printed, the wedding preparation was at its peak but the unexpected happen. Sangeeta caught Salman red handed with Somy Ali, the couple went through countless fights which ultimately led to split. Sangeeta confessed in one of the interview that Salman’s infidelity is the reason behind calling off the wedding and he is not fit to be a boyfriend.

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Akshay Kumar & Raveena Tandon

The Khiladi of bollywood, Akshay Kumar today may be a family fan, a dotted husband but once carried a tag line of being a Casanova. His list of dreamy adventures with the top most heroines of Bollywood is pretty elongated, not to mention outrageous. One of the most appalling link up happened with Raveena Tandon in the 90s. Akshay and Raveena had a sizzling chemistry on screen and as well off screen. The audience were fascinated to see them dancing on the tunes of “tu cheez badhi hai mast” and “tip barsa pani”. Their love life kept on blooming and so as the speculations about their imminent wedlock.

Akshay persuaded Raveena to quit the film industry post marriage and manage home. They had an extravagant engagement function, Akshay’s family came from Delhi to attend the ceremony. Things took a dirty turn and there were tales of Akshay’s alleged affair with other heroines. Raveena was startled with the news as she considers loyalty to be an integral part of a relationship. Although they have moved on now but the unpleasantness of the break up sank expectations of all their fans to see them together ever again.

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Abhishek Bachchan & Karisma Kapoor

Two influential families of the film fraternity—the Bachchans and the Kapoors, were about to extend their friendship and become relatives, when the engagement of Karisma Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan was officially announced in October 2002 on the occasion of Amitabh Bachchan’s 60th birthday. The two of them were romantically linked for around 5 years and the fans were excitedly waiting for the D-day. But the engagement was called off in February 2003 which not just appalled their fans but the media as well.

Even today the reason is ambiguous why Abhishek and Karisma got separated, fermenting the relation between both the families forever. There were whispers that Karisma’s mom Babita is the reason behind calling off the engagement as Abhishek had just commenced his career and Karisma was already touching the sky. Amitabh Bachchan was in deep financial trench at that time and incurred heavy losses, Babita was worried about her daughter’s future and persuaded Karisma to part ways with Abhishek

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