Budget Travel – 7 Best Essential Tips

Budget Travel

If you think only well to do people can travel the world???? You are mistaken…..Have you heard of something Budget Travel??

There’s no big secret behind exploring new places across the globe while you still can take care of your pocket. Traveling to a new country doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many Budget Travel Hacks. Let me share some ways to travel the world while still taking a control of your money.

1.Be Flexible on Travel Dates

Looking for flights on certain dates can burn a hole in your pocket. If you are planning to budget travel during summer or Christmas holidays, when the entire world is going on vacation, airline tickets will definitely be costly. If you have adjustable dates, it will be easy for you to get flights at a very low cost. Sometimes a little change in the dates can save enormous amount of money. Traveling during weekday can be cheaper than end of the day as most people prefer to fly during weekends. You may also miss out on amazing deals due to inflexible plans.

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2. Find a Travel Partner

Travelling with a buddy can have a lot of advantages. One can save a lot of money when you travel along with a partner on transportation’s, hotel, food etc. It also ensures a safer trip and puts you in a comfort zone. Travelling can actually exhaust a lot of your savings; therefore travelling with someone can make you save a big chunk for your next travel. A good friend can also stop you from buying stuff which are just over priced and of no use. Sharing your trip with someone is very cost effective.

3. Look for Cheap Destinations

Even if you love to travel, it is not necessary to blow all your money on avoidable travel expenses. The world is full of economical places; there will always be places which are budget friendly and you can save a huge amount of money on transportation, accommodation and food. Destinations like Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand etc. to name a few. These countries are full of entertainment, activities and are wallet friendly. These countries currency is feeble therefore they are more affordable in terms of all the necessities required for one to budget travel.

4. Book Flights in Advance

This is the first and the foremost step of budget travel. Booking early will ensure flights at lowest cost. If you a book a flight within 3 months to 30 days, it guarantees best rates. It also saves you from unnecessary hassle of booking last minute and gives you ample time to check and compare the prices.

5. Use Public Transport

Pubic Transport is undoubtedly a cheaper mode of budget travel while on a vacation. Buses and trains are economical than airplanes. It is one of the most exciting ways to budget travel and lets you get in touch with the locals. The view sometimes is overwhelming. It is also cost effective as when you travel overnight it also indicates that you will spend one night less in a hotel.

Budget Travel

6. Stay in Hostel

Staying in a hostel can be an amazing option for people who are seeking for low budget travel option. If you are a solo traveler, it is a best place to interact with new people. The accommodation and amenities may not be lucrative but all basic requirements will be there. The money you save while staying in a hostel can actually be used for shopping or planning your next vacation.

Budget Travel
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7. Travel during Off Peak time

When you travel during off season, there will definitely be fewer crowds. This is also known as “Shoulder Season”, a period between peak and off-peak season. The flight tickets will be cheap, hotels will give you discounted rates, you don’t have to be in queue for adventure activities or sightseeing. Waiting outside a restaurant is a task during peak season. When you travel off season it is not just a budget travel, it also lets you experience the unbeaten enchanting experience which you may not encounter while travelling during peak season.

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