Breakfast – Punjabis’ Top 5 Favorite Breakfasts

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Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day so making an effort to eat a healthy one is worthwhile. After a good night’s sleep, a nutritious breakfast can help you revitalize, preparing you to embrace a new day. Fueling your system is essential for your metabolism and helps to focus on your work. Your best strategy is to eat a healthy breakfast, which will set you up for the rest of the day. Though it may be true for some, many people opt to skip their breakfast. And some of them eat unhealthy food items, which make them lethargic and leads to weight gain, and also raise the risk of chronic disease.


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Getting up in the morning can be difficult at times. If you usually feel sleepy in the morning, take into account that the food you consume can have a significant impact on your ability to stay awake and productive during the day.

Let’s admit it: Punjabi or North Indian’s are big-time foodies. They just cannot compromise on their food. Take a peek at some of the worst things you’re eating for breakfast before you decide to top your plate with your favorite delicacies. You’ve been eating them without thinking your whole life, but you might pay the price later. Now is the moment to eliminate these from your breakfast menu!


A Punjabi cannot live without Parathas. They can have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or any time of the day. Parathas are a popular breakfast food in North India; however, they are quickly gaining popularity in other regions of the country Parathas are a healthy food if they are not fried because they contain veggies and grains. The addition of all that ghee, butter, and pickle to soak the paratha into, however, makes it as unhealthy as possible.

To make it healthier, you can roast it in a skillet instead of frying with a dash of oil and have it with fresh curd. You can also opt for various grains such as jowar, ragi, and bajra to make them delicious and healthy. Instead of aloo, try an experiment with other vegetables such as carrots, crushed peas, onion, etc.

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2. Puri Bhaji:

This meal has a variety of variations that are popular throughout India. While some bhajis are made entirely of boiled & sautéed potato chunks, others include a mixed vegetable dish known as kurma. The food, in any variant, is exceedingly unhealthy. Puris are deep-fried, and potatoes are hardly the finest breakfast veggie.

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3. Butter Toast as Breakfast

A quick and easy breakfast is toast with dollop of butter. You can have a crunchy, salty breakfast with just a slice of bread and some butter. However, due to its lack of protein, this alternative will not fuel you for an extended period. The carbs in the bread and the fat in the butter make up the majority of the calories in buttered toast

Though, if you choose whole-grain bread and add protein-rich toppings like eggs or shredded chicken breast, toast and butter can still be a good breakfast option. To boost the nutritional value even further, add sliced vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, or leafy greens.

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4. Cholle Bhatture:

Cholle Bhatture is incredibly delectable, but they’re also quite unhealthy if you consume it on regular basis. Fried bhaturas, a mixture of refined flour, a lot of oil, and gas-causing chole, eaten first thing in the morning, will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable for the remainder of the day. You may also feel tired and lethargic.


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5. Pav Bhaaji

Pav bhaji is Indian food that consists of a variety of ingredients and flavors and is served with pav, a refined flour Indian bread. Butter is the essential ingredient that gives pav bhaji its taste and richness, but too much of it can contribute to weight gain and health concerns.

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