Bollywood – 8 Celebrities Who Took Their Own Life


Life doesn’t spare anyone, be it a celebrity or a common man. We live in an illusion that Bollywood stars have it all and life is hunky dory for them. They are famous, gifted, beautiful, rich and much admired, but we never realized the fact, that behind the magnetic smile and appealing presence, many of the famous personalities fight a never ending battle with extreme anxiety and depression. The locked doors of the expensive manors are a witness to many sleepless nights, howling, loneliness, hopelessness and what not.  But the fact is, neither recognition or wealth prevent the Celebes against the depredations of melancholy and misery.

Doesn’t matter what profession you are in; we all have to deal with our share of challenges at some point of time, there is a saying, “Life is a Bitch”.  Therefore, there is no difference between a celebrity and a common man, when it comes to mental illness which is a deep rooted issue, rest everything like money or fame is on the surface level and doesn’t safeguard anyone from dejection.

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It is still considered a taboo to accept one is dealing with depression, as there is a lot of fear of being judged by the society as it results into public scrutiny of their personal life which incites a feeling of disgrace, guilt and uncertainty. A celebrity often falls into the trap of risk factors attached to depression like drug abuse, lack of work, irritability, insomnia, excessive alcohol. There is undeniably a gloomy side of the celeb life. They do have to deal with heartbreak or failure or loneliness or extreme pressure and when the pain gets beyond control they turn to the last resort which is suicide.  Here is a list of famous personalities who took their life.

Sushant Singh Rajput

The M.S. Dhoni biopic star, was found dead at his Bandra residence, Mumbai on Sunday morning i.e. 14th June 2020. He allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself.

Divya Bharati

The beautiful Divya Bharati who gave super hits like Shola aur Shabnam and Deewana, took her life by jumping to death from her residence on 5th April 1993. She was merely 19-year-old and in a short span of life became very successful.

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Jiah Khan

The British-American actor, Jiah Khan was found dead in her apartment on 3rd June 2013. She was found hanging in her residence. She debuted in Bollywood with Ram Gopal Verma’s Nishabd in 2007 and was also a part of the movie Ghajini along with Aamir Khan.

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Parveen Babi

The queen of millions of heart, the yesteryears seductive actress was found dead in her residence in the year 2005. She was suffering from diabetes and there are rumors that she seemingly starved herself to death. She died from diabetes and organ failure.

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Kushal Punjabi

The famous television actor Kushal Punjabi committed suicide in his Pali Hills residence, Mumbai. He was suffering from acute depression. Kushal has also acted in several Bollywood movies like Kaal, Lakshya, Dhan Dhanaa Dhan Goal.

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Pratyusha Banerjee

She was famous for portraying the character of “Anandi” In the famous TV series, Balika Vadhu. She hung herself to death in her Mumbai Residence on 1st April, 2016. The actress was 24-year-old and was very successful with oodles of money and fame.

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Kuljeet Randhawa

A very popular model and TV actress was found hanging dead to the ceiling fan in her residence on 8th Feb 2006. She became a known face from the TV series Kohinoor, C.A.T.S and special squad. The police found a suicide note which stated that she was not able to deal with life pressure, therefore committing suicide.

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Nafisa Joseph

The famous model and winner of the Miss India Universe in the year 1997, was found hanging in her Versova apartment on 29th July 2004. She was only 26-year-old. She reportedly committed suicide as her wedding got canceled with her fiancé Gautam Khanduja.

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