Body Language: Avoid these 6 deadly body language mistakes

Isn’t it true that body language accounts for 60–65 percent of all human communication? A person’s body tells a tale even while they are standing motionless.

The body can convey your message more efficiently than words. In some situations, your body posture and speech just do not correlate.

One of the most important ways to communicate is through body language. During presentations, you always use facial movements and gestures to clarify and deliver your points.

The facial expressions, hands, and motions to convey your message efficiently and confidently will help you convey your message. Here are some common presentation body language errors to avoid, including movement, posture, and facial expression:

1.Arm and hand movements

One of the most common body language mistakes made by people is the continuous movement of their hands. Hands hidden, clasped, or fidgeting show uneasiness and may give the impression that you don’t trust what you’re saying. Hands in pockets is a submissive posture or body language that indicates you are nervous, doubtful, or disinterested. It’s likely that some people will think it’s impolite. Keep in mind that if you don’t look confident in your talk, the listener will lose interest.

Feel free to make gestures during conversations to keep your hands active; just don’t go overboard.

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2. Shaking legs is a poor body language

People move their legs because they are restless. You’re either not ready or you’ve gotten tired of the scenario. You jiggle your legs in either case. Stand firmly and make controlled motions towards the audience during your presentation. Make the audience believe you have practiced these moves before—make them believe you are a seasoned expert by the way you move while presenting.

Be prepared and add some humor to your presentation to avoid boredom in yourself and your audience.

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3. Touching your face again and again

This is, without a doubt, the most startling body language error on this checklist! You apparently believe that placing your hand on your face makes you appear smart or as if you are carefully pondering things. It turns out that touching your face can make you look deceitful.

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4. Not Making Eye Contact

We cannot emphasize enough the need to look someone in the eyes when talking to them. It gives you the impression of being strong, attentive, and reliable. If you don’t make eye contact with the other person, you’re sending a subtle message to them that you’re either not keen on communicating or aren’t being absolutely honest. So, make gentle but firm eye contact during interactions to avoid looking like a fake when you’re not. When talking to a crowd, sweep your glance around the room so that everyone feels involved.

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5. Talking while leaning on a wall or chair

If you’re too fatigued to stand for long periods of time, relax and speak instead. Simply avoid leaning against a wall, sofa, or table when talking with people. This posture or body language shows a lack of awareness and self-assurance.

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6. Checking your phone

This is one of the unhealthiest behaviors a person may have. Simply put, don’t do that. During one-on-one or group gatherings, resist the urge to check the time or your messages. If you need to look at your phone because you’re expecting an important call or text, inform the person or group ahead of time and say sorry. People understand if they are aware of what is going on, but checking the time or your phone during a session suggests that you have more important things to attend to and are ignoring them.

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