14 Big Boss Contestants who went for Plastic Surgery

Bigg Boss

1.Rashmi Desai:

Bigg Boss Contestant Rashmi Desai who came to fame with the popular TV Serial Uttaran has also undergone a cosmetic surgery. She went for liposuction to remove the extra flab from her body. Rashmi had confessed for the same in Nach Baliye 7 lie detector test but later she refused and said she went for a gall bladder surgery and got confused. Really Rashmi?

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2. Paras Chhabra:

Recently the audience witnessed on Bigg Boss 13 the apparent baldness of Paras Chhabra. There is a video from Bigg Boss 13 going viral where his wig came off. Paras tried to hold on to his wig but still the video was captured. If you believe rumors, the real reason why Paras has taken a break from Big Boss is hair transplant and not surgery of his finger.

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3. Siddharth Shukla:

Bigg Boss 13 contestants are in constant news. The over actor of the house Paras Chhabra claimed during one of the fights with Siddharth Shukla that Shukla went to rehab for anger and weight issue. Some of his close friends deny this rehab thing but his co actors in the past have agreed for the same. But I personally feel something is wrong with him. He has major temper issues.

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4. Koena Mitra:

Koena Mitra has herself revealed about her disaster nose surgery. Her nose swelled up post surgery. Even doctors gave up all hopes and prayed for a miracle. Koena’s career graph went downgrade because of the weird condition of her nose post plastic surgery. She is a very strong woman to openly talk about it.

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5. Mahira Sharma:

Mahira Sharma has been teased for her big lips in Bigg Boss season 13 throughout. Mahira went for lip augmentation. Her before and after plastic surgery looks are completely different.

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6. Devoleena Bhattacharjee:

Some of the inside sources have claimed that Bigg Boss 13 contestant has gone for cheek implant treatment. But she completely denies all the stories as she doesn’t believe in plastic surgery.

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7. Rakhi Sawant:

Rakhi Sawant openly admitted about getting a breast implant (boob job done). She has done lot of experiment with her body like liposuction, shaping her jaw line. Few of her surgeries didn’t go very well but she doesn’t even care.

Bigg Boss
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8. Gauhar Khan:

Gauhar Khan went for lip augmentation. Her lip surgery didn’t go very well and she also had to cancel her shoot for few days as she wanted to be away from the camera. She confirmed the news.

Bigg Boss
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9. Hina Khan:

Hina Khan reportedly went for a nose job as there is a lot of change of in her before and after pictures. Her nose looks very sharp now. But she hasn’t confirmed the same.

Bigg Boss
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10. Sara Khan:

Sara Khan’s lip job looked a disaster. She was trolled by audience for her extra big lips which looked very awkward. She said, she used lip fillers and didn’t go for the lip surgery. According to media reports she went for plastic surgery for most of her facial parts like cheeks, nose and jaw. But she never admits to it.

Bigg Boss
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11. Aashka Goradia:

She admitted getting a lip surgery done as she wanted fuller lips. She has admitted the same.

Bigg Boss
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12. Shilpa Shinde:

Shilpa has been trolled recently for undergoing a plastic surgery. Her recent photograph which she shared on the internet is looking very different. Is it too much make up or plastic surgery only she knows.

Bigg Boss
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13. Sambhavna Seth:

There are reports that she went for breast implant as she wanted to look hot on screen for item songs.

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14. Bobby Darling:

Bobby admitted for a sex change operation and breast implant as well. She said the surgery was very painful and these surgeries have completely transformed her in women.

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