Bigg Boss 16 Special – If you need the names and proof, I will give, adds Sreejita De, who is prepared to confront Tina Datta’s mother and back up her claims.

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Sreejita De, a wildcard contestant on Bigg Boss 16, was evicted from the show during Salman Khan’s Weekend ka Vaar episode. Since her eviction, Sreejita has said that she is ready to speak with Tina Datta’s mother, apologise for stepping above the bounds, and prove any allegations.

Sreejita De talks about meeting Tina Datta’s mother and validating her claims against the actress in an exclusive interview.

The actress talked to ETimes TV about her time in the Bigg Boss 16 house, her top 5 contestants, and other topics after leaving the reality show. Even after making a remark on Tina Datta, she clarified and acknowledged that all she had said was accurate. Sreejita is prepared to respond to any inquiries from Tina’s mother. Sreejita added that Archana was the only person in the house indulging in dirty games.

bigg boss 16
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I had a close relationship with Tina, and I firmly believe in the law of karma.

Everything I said about Tina was done so in a context. I had just begun to get close to Shalin when I noticed Tina and him doing time pass. I got the impression that Tina was toying with Shalin while he actually had affection for her. She was playing with Shalin, as Salman sir previously stated.

In that context, I mentioned to Soundarya that I know Tina well and that I firmly think that karma bounces back on you and strikes you hard. Even though Tina and I were at odds and harboring ill will against one another at the time, Shayad main nahi bolti toh bhi farak nahi padta.


Everything I said about Tina Datta was accurate in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

During the early weeks, she had spoken a lot of negative things about me, and I had witnessed those conversations following my initial removal. It has greatly impacted and upset me as well. For the first 15 days, I did not say anything negative about Tina, but she sought to boot me off the show and referred to me as playing a dirty game and even referred to me as unfortunate. Since everything I said was the exact truth, I do not believe that I have degraded women’s empowerment in any way. I talk from experience, not just off-the-cuff remarks.

Sreejita offers Tina’s mother an apology.

I appreciate you and acknowledge you as my Kaki maa. She said, I am open for all of your queries. I am sorry; I could have gone too far and hurt you. However, Tina has also spoken well of me, which has angered even my mother.

I am sorry; I think I went too far and you must be upset. But Tina has also talked extensively about me in the Bigg Boss 16 house, which has upset even my mother. Even if I have left all the bad vibes inside the house, you still need my names and proof, and I am prepared to provide it,”said Sreejita.


Sreejita agrees to the challenge from Tina Datta’s mother: “I am fine meeting you and proving the allegations aunty.”

I am comfortable talking to Tina Datta’s mother. If she like, I am willing to meet her and prove the accusations. But I want to point out that on the show, Tina’s mom was pretty distant from me. I realize that whatever her mom witnessed on the broadcast must have made her feel horrible as a parent. But despite the fact that Tina and I shared an equation, we have not spoken in the past three years. Tina made a lot of unfair, inaccurate, and damaging remarks about me on the show, which also hurt my mother.

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Her time on Bigg Boss 16 was the best of her life.

Sreejita had stated in a press release following her exit from the show, “Being a part of Bigg Boss 16 has been one of the most life-altering experiences of my life.

I will always remember the relationships I formed and the knowledge I picked up from the Bigg Boss 16 show. Even other people noticed that my second stint was stronger for me because the first two and last two weeks of my time on the show were so dissimilar. What could possibly compare to the high of being on the most watched reality show on Indian TV? I want to thank everyone for their contributions to making my time in the Bigg Boss 16 house unique. Good luck to all the contestants, but Priyanka Chahar winning would make me extremely happy.


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