Benefits of Jaggery

Jaggery is unrefined sugar. Its is made from concentrated sugarcane. It gets absorbed in the body in the form of sucrose (a kind of a sugar).

👉Benefits of Gur (jaggery)

1. It’s a powerhouse food product. It contains lot of mineral and vitamins.
2. It flushes the toxin from the body as it act as a natural cleanser and cleans the liver. The toxins are very harmful as they make us fall sick.
3. It boosts energy, as it’s a natural sweetener.

4. It prevents body from free radicals as it an antioxidant.
5. People suffering from constipation should take jaggery on a regular basis. Jaggery helps in stimulating the bowel movement and relieves from hardened stool.
6. It purifies the blood and is very beneficial for over all health of the body. It aids in preventing different blood related problems.
7. Jaggery is rich in iron and folate. It helps in preventing anaemia. A pregnant women must include it in their diet as it gives energy.

8. It helps in relieving menstruation cramps.
9. Jaggery is good for treating cough and cold. Keep it in your mouth, if you have dry cough or pain in the throat. It gives a soothing effect.
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10. If you feel bloated or suffering from water retention start having gur. Either mix jaggery in hot water or in your tea.
11. Aids in joint pain: Drink jaggery along with your hot milk, it strengthens the bone. It also prevents other joint related problems.

👉Side effects of jaggery if not taken in moderation:

1. Excess of jaggery can  gain weight as it is high in calories.
2. It can also increase blood sugar level in the body.
3. It can cause parasite infection as it is generally prepared in unhygienic conditions. Therefore chances are their for bacteria and microbes.
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4. Some people suffer from nose bleeding if they consume gur in summer
5. It can increase inflammation in the body as it is absorbed as sucrose, which can interfere with omega 3 fatty acid.
Anything in excess is bad and everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. We should be careful about what we eat and how much we eat.

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