Bad Day at Work – 7 Important Ways to Manage It

bad day

We all go through bad day at office and it is quite normal. We spend major part of our lives at our workplace and there will be things perturbing you or causing you worry or make you feel like banging your head. Life can’t be hunky dory all the time, even if it is your dream job, there will be days which will make you want to run away (may be in the jungle or a beach) and leave you with a feeling “OMG” why it happened to me.

Let us not be over dramatic and figure out few ways to overcome “ugh” feeling or a bad day at work:

1.Disconnect for a While

This is the quickest thing you can do just move from the place, vacate the situation and take a break. Sitting at the same place will make you lose your temper and you can end up doing something which can land you in trouble. Pondering over the matter over and over again will cause more distress. Disconnecting for a while doesn’t mean you need to speed up your car and run away. It could be taking a loo break, or going to the terrace for a walk or sit in the car play your favorite music.

2. Bad day at work Call up a Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed can be best applied in this situation. We all have that one friend with whom we can vent out all the pain in the heart. Talking and whining to someone will make you feel relaxed after a bad day. This way you can also pour your heart out and may realize that you were making a mountain after molehill. Once you are free from the ranting, get back to your work.

3. Watch a Funny Video if you have a bad day work

Instead of sobbing and blaming your fate, watch a funny video. A funny video will burst you into laughter and you will forget about your acidic mood. Play something which will distract your mind and will cheer you up. It is also a great way to combat sadness at work place.

4. Listen to a Peppy Song

Music affects our mood; there is no doubt on that. It diverts your mind from the stress and unpleasant feelings. It can be also used a short term distraction from the unpleasant. Be considerate about other people at work place, kindly use earphones and if you don’t have your own cabin, washroom is the best place (trust me).

5. Don’t take it Personally

There can be number of reasons behind bad day at work may be a tiff with a colleague or sarcastic remarks by boss or someone else’s negativity. First get this thing clear in your head that you can’t please everyone or have a control on anyone’s behavior. Once you accept this, it gets easier to deal with the displeasure. Such things are also quite common at work place. You may feel disheartened for a while but take it as a part and parcel of your job. You are being paid to tolerate such nuisance, so take it like that and chill.

bad day


6. Go to the Washroom and Cry

Nothing can beat this, if something is really troubling you crying will ease out your pain. Hiding your emotions can be very painful, the anger and hatred inside will explode someday. Crying can help you get rid of your resentment and you will feel light after a while. See, crying and feeling bad is a natural process, shedding your tears will reduce your stress.

bad day
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7. Clean your Desk

Decluttering your desk can desk can actually reduce your stress level. It also relaxes your mind and makes you calm. Lot of papers on the desk will make you feel more depressed and a distressed mind can lose more calm. Organizing your space will recharge your mind and body both. Putting things in order will give you positive energy, relaxes your mind and will increase your productivity.

bad day

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