Are you wearing a BRA this Lockdown?

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Wearing a BRA this Lockdown? I can bet that the first thing most of the females have done is ditching their BRA.  In fact, I had this thought in my mind, being braless for the next 3 weeks (of course not while exercising) “WOW HOW EXCITING IT IS”? During this lock down phase most of us are choosing to be at ease at home and have opted to ditch their bras, not wearing panty and keeping their hair unwashed, etc –considered as a basis of your daily dress code.

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Nevertheless, the shift from outdoor to indoor wear implies for women that the essential item of their clothing is nowhere to be seen. A bra is only worn either when you are leaving your house for getting groceries or exercising at home or those occasional official video calls, as there is a feeling that who’s watching us apart from the loved ones.

So, “Chalta hai”

I am not saying everyone is doing that, there are people who don’t share the same feeling and not wearing a bra can also make one guilty because it is the year of conditioning and following social norm which makes it unthinkable for some females to step outside without wearing one.

But there are people like me who have pulled their bra through the sleeves of their top and threw it in the washing machine having a feeling “Bye Bye Bra”, see you again when the lockout is over. The first step towards social distancing is distancing your bra from your body.

Many women are celebrating, “Going braless” on social media for a few weeks, most likely it indicates that they are wearing a wrong bra hence the excitement. The question comes in the mind is: Is it okay to go braless during this Corona Virus – pandemic? Let us talk about pros of not wearing your Bra.

Are you wearing a BRA this Lockdown?

1. Not wearing a bra can be really extricating, both metaphorically and precisely. There is a perception that dictates women that women should wear a bra to set standards for “perfect” shapes and sizes which are often deceptive. And there is a story about sagging breasts? Which itself is misleading and equivocal.  There is no medical evidence which states that not wearing a bra can cause sagging, but it’s more genetic. But there is an exception to this; it is utmost essential to wear a bra while you are exercising or practicing yoga poses as this harm the Cooper’s ligament, an area of the breast.

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2. Going braless for a few weeks can be a luxury.

We are stuck with the bra for all our lives and honestly, 80% of us wear the wrong size of the bra which has a very negative effect on the body as this can contribute change in your body posture and cause muscle pain. Therefore the phase of lockdown gives you comfort and freedom for some time and relaxes your breast for a stipulated period of time.

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3. The thing is that if we don’t wear a bra it lets blood flow more eagerly around your chest which helps keeps the skin firm and builds the muscle tissue as well. If we keep wearing them throughout the day the normal blood flow restraints and sweat get too trapped in there, even infuriating rashes and blemishes that could cause infections, therefore this lock down is giving ample room to your boobs to breathe. Regularly wearing tight undergarments especially tight bras is bad for your circulation.

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4. Some studies as shown that if a woman doesn’t wear a bra the breasts get sturdy.

Wearing a bra can be hampering your ability to develop healthy breast tissue. Healthy breast tissue supports breast and this leads to naturally better, stronger and rounder breasts.  In the long run not wearing a bra allowed more muscle tissue to grow to provide natural support and the body uses its pectoral muscles to revitalize the breast tissue against gravity.

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Important thing:

Women with big breasts may find it uncomfortable not wearing a bra but women with small bust may not feel much of a change. Therefore, it varies from person to person. There aren’t many proven health impacts that are an outcome of not wearing a bra. One can safely remain without a bra for the next few weeks and let your breast breathe for a while. But don’t forget to wear them while you exercise.

So, you want to wear a bra or not the choice is yours as it’s your life

So, chill…………………………………………….


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