7 Advantages of marrying an Older Man

Marrying an Old Man

There is a saying, “Age is just a number”. Marrying an Old Man who is 10 to 15 year or even much more older to you has his life in control. They are successful, open minded and stable as well. Getting married to an older man can have its share of advantages.

1.Financially settled: An older guy is financially settled than a guy who is still fighting hard to take care of his daily needs. I am not talking about taking care of your expenses, paying you bills, paying for your shopping but in general a financially settled guy is relaxed in his life and you feel more stable around him. They are reliable, responsible and accountable when it comes to taking care of the financial matters. With time they have learned how to use their money wisely. They have already enough savings for their future and quiet adequate in terms of resources.

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2. Maturity speaks: They have already crossed their flirtatious, casual relationships stage and played enough games during their 20’s. A younger man is volatile because he is yet to taste the life experiences and is not aware of what he actually wants in life. An older guy is matured and very clear in their thought process. They doesn’t shy away in opening their heart even if they are not looking for a steady relationship as of now. They understand their partner in a better manner and know the kind of compromises required to make a relationship work. They don’t have time for games any more.

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3. Sex is awesome: An experienced older man knows the right spots to hit. The maturity they have on their side has made them a better lover and sexually they know how to seduce the women. They know what they are best at and how they can be more effective in the bed. They have understood the fact that sex is not about intercourse, foreplay is equally important. The kisses, cuddling, candle light daughters, holidays will draw you more towards their way of expressing romance. They have enough experience in terms of sexual pleasures.

4. Emotionally stable: They have reached a point where they have become calm and consistent in life. They have many life experiences in their kitty. They are ignorant to trivial matters and are not jealousy has taken a backseat. Aging has taught them patience and how to control their reaction. They appreciate smallest of things in life and can help their partner to relax during difficult times. They can handle a demanding situation in a better manner. An older man is good in balancing their life because of their maturity and understanding as they have had their shares of past relationships to learn from.

5. More experienced: Professionally as well as personally they have seen more in life than you, therefore they have enormous experience on any given subject. They can guide you in various aspects of life like taking a financial advice or challenges at work place. They are not judgmental any more and accept things the way they are. There advice can do wonders for you and you can learn lot of things from their insights and real life experience. Their experience can turn out to be a valuable lesson in your life. He is someone you can count on.

Marrying an Old Man
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6. Have more time: An older guy is professionally settled in his life and can comfortably spend a lot of time with you unlike a younger one who is working hard to get stable and prove himself at his work field. An older man can take long leaves, can be free during weekends to spend time with you, there is no rush to accomplish any goals. He has already tasted success.

Marrying an Old Man

7. Communication gets better: Interacting with an older man is quiet refreshing. They don’t hold back their feelings. Their approach is straight forward and can communicate with a clear vision and perspective. They are not scared to hide their point of views thinking they may look like a fool. With age men gets better like an old wine. An older guy values the importance of communication in a relationship.

Marrying an Old Man
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