5 Ways to Bring Happiness in Your Life


We all want to be happy and it has become the most over rated word these days. But people tend to baffle themselves by creating an illusion in their mind by mixing real happiness with materialistic pleasures. I am not going to tell here to exercise, listen to music, watch a movie, travel etc etc to attain happiness. All this is temporary pleasure and is for interim happiness. But what I am going to share here is real time facts which will bring happiness in your life. Because you can’t find happiness, you can only bring happiness in your life. Your state of mind can’t be dependent on possessions or temporary pleasures. Materialistic delight makes you more disquiet and volatile in the long run.

Here are the ways if you are genuinely seeking happiness in your life:

Let Go

There will never be a life which is hunky dory, full of happiness and peaceful. Weird things will happen on daily basis. Life will not work as per your plan. People will cheat you, irritate you, you will be blamed for all the wrong doings and you will always feel you can’t do enough for your family. All these circumstances will come and go but what matters is how quickly you let go for your own mental peace and happiness. I am not saying letting go is easy but it is not impossible. We have to let go every minute otherwise we can never shine and learn to be happy.



Acceptance is not a consent; it is realization of the fact that two people can’t be same. Accepting the situation the way it is doesn’t mean suppression. It is like breaking all the chords which has tied you to your own thought process and behavior. And when you accept others, in the process, you start accepting your own self. Actual growth happens when you adapt yourself with the circumstance each and every single moment of your life. There’s liberty and contentment which you will cherish when you will accept the way things are. When you accept people you don’t judge them or try to change them which eventually are very comforting and bring real happiness.



We all face resentment, rejection, failure, jealousy, broken relationships and the list is never ending. Life is a string of events good or bad. If our experience is bad or we don’t get desired results we sulk ourselves in negative emotions and feelings. This makes us depress and worth less. The only solution to this is to evolve you from various proceedings. Problem arises when we get attached to the results and oppose people with lot of expectations and feelings. We are so much dependent on the desired result that the outcome becomes more important than our own peace. Real detachment requires profound entanglement.


Save money

Trust me; a mind is perturbed because of lack of money. A person with more loans gets more agitated than a person who is debt free. When you have enough saving in the bank you can think with an open mind. Financial independent makes you peaceful to an extent. It brings greater satisfaction and exhilaration. You may not agree with me, but the matter of fact is when you are financially settled you are much relaxed in your head.



Keep yourself first

You are the most important person in your life and don’t forget that ever. Most of us keep our families, relationships, job, home and other responsibilities way ahead of us. But till the time you are not happy with yourself, nothing can make you happy from inside. There is no instant fix to problems. It requires patience, effort in resolving your issues first. Otherwise you will be in a lala land all your life and continue to blame yourself for not taking the right move. All this while by pleasing others, you forgot to please your heart, your own soul. This has made you empty and has drained all the positive energy from your world. I can only say one thing “Become the change you want to see”. Love yourself first. Enough of blaming yourself for the past mistakes, you did your best. Enough of hurting yourself, your self respect, putting others first. Your motivation should come from a feeling of purposefulness.


By Poonam

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