Trek – 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Go On A Trek?


The reason why you should go on a trek is – Trekking on the mountain sounds like a wonderful experience as it offers gigantic beautiful views and magnificent trails. When I went for my first trekking trip with Indiahikes, I only expected it to be a fun trip, which it was without a speck of doubt, but being in the mountains clicking far-flung peaks while lifting that heavy backpack filled with all the essentials you need, there is more a mountain offers to us. Going on trekking or hiking offers a great health benefits both mentally and physically.

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Trekking is a great physical activity with mammoth intrinsic worth irrespective of the time duration of your trek, the location and your fitness level. It permits the trekkers to escape from the mundane life to discover new places and explore new things while providing a wide range of benefits to their mind, body and soul. The incredible scenic views, the tranquil and silent moments of soul-searching. There is something certainly grandiose, rewarding and pleasant, which ultimately provides a profusion of confidence and love towards the nature that makes you visit the mother nature again and again. Here are a few benefits of trekking and hiking:

1.Revitalizes heart and lungs

A trekking is a great workout which improves your cardiovascular system. The trekker is continuously on the move in the dense forest and mountains, far away from air pollution, breathing fresh and clean air which augments their respiratory system. This also pumps more blood through the heart and enhances your lung capacity. It challenges the body to a point that a trekker starts focusing on their breathe as it gets difficult to talk. Trekking not only strengthens the heart but also reduces the risk of heart attack and lowers cholesterol level.

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2. Aids in weight loss and improves your fitness

Trekking every day for 4 to 6 hours builds a good amount of fitness level. It involves walking up and down hills with a backpack and spending hours on the hiking trails. Trekking makes you drink more water, which further purifies the overall body. It turns your body into a proficient fat burning and testosterone-fueled mechanism. Trekking makes your legs and core strong, improves your immunity. It is not just a walk, it is a physical activity which induces sleep, which further rejuvenates the body and mind. It increases the dopamine cells in the body.

Courtesy pic: Dhaval Jajal

3. Improves your mental wellness

Being surrounded by the mountain, is the best feeling ever. They provide a distinctive level of serenity that is seldom available in the metropolitans. The enthralling views, gripping water bodies, snow covered mountains, the majestic starry nights soothe the mind and calms the nerve. The fresh air we breathe while trekking makes our body release happy hormone i.e. endorphin. This hormone lowers the stress level in the body.

Courtesy pic: Shantanu Sriraj

4. New Learnings

Trekking in the mountains teaches us, that we can survive with the basics, and what all things are paramount in our life. A trekker consciously observes how essential mountains and water sources are for the human kind. Another aspect is when we meet new people along the trails, we get to know different cultures, traditions and see life from other’s perspective also. It imbibes in us a sense of responsibility, team spirit, sharing and caring.

Our trek leader Dhaval at Indiahikes taught us to how make our own tent, what to do if we see a bear, how to take care of our health in high altitude, why packaged food is not good for the mountains, about green trails and plethora of his experiences, which in fact enlightened me to the core that I stopped using paper cups and started carrying my own steel mug wherever I would go, my little effort to save the environment.

Courtesy pic: www.Santosh Patel

5. A Trek can give you friends forever

My first trekking trip to Gaumukh – Tapovan gave me my travel buddies. When we go on hiking or trekking for a longer period of time, we spend a lot of time with the other trekkers. The conversations can lead to a beginning of a new friendship. Meeting like-minded people in remote areas also enhances your emotional wellbeing. There has been a study, which states that people who have a good social circle have lower blood pressure and enjoys a healthy life.

Being out in nature also implies, that you will be away from technology and social media platform which encourages one-on-one conversations, you may never know the person you are interacting with becomes your best friend or a life partner after spending a week in the mountains.


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