12 Things that Women Hate in Men

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The first kiss and hug are thrilling moments in a relationship, but after some time, few habits become less “cute” and more unpleasant to women.

Let’s admit it: men upset women in a variety of ways. Starting with ego, control, and lying, lack of hygiene the list is endless. Discover some of the things you do that your girl may dislike but will not tell you about. You’ll do and say things that your wife, fiancée, girlfriend, or even female co-worker will find distasteful.

Here are a few traits that women hate in men. It’s important to note that not all women hate the same behaviors, and not all men indulge in the habits listed below.

1.Not Looking at her while she’s Talking

Men who think it’s normal to look at their phones or something else while a girl is speaking to them are simply impolite. Even if they aren’t doing it on purpose, it appears wrong.

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2. Being a Partial Listener and Zoning Out

Women dislike men who exercise selective listening. When their men simply zone out during a discussion that does not interest them, women feel angry and ignored.

A man chats with his partner about gadgets or cars with a lot of interest, but when she talks about her new haircut or conversation with her friends, he completely zones out.

3. Making Shambles and Scattering items throughout the House

The man’s untidy habits around the house are a common cause of friction amongst couples. Unclean toilets, towels thrown in the room, socks tucked up in dark corners of the room, and unclean toilets irritate women.

Women often view a man’s dirty habits as an insult to her and a dismissal of her efforts to keep the house tidy.

4. Trying to keep her Under Control

When a man tries to control a woman’s life, her friends, her career, and her choices, women hate it. She wants to feel free and liberated in the pursuit of her ambitions. There’s a fine line between trying to defend and dominating someone.

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5. When he Compares her to his mother or ex-girlfriend, he’s making a Mistake

When a man compares his partner to his mother or his ex, she may feel devalued. Women realize how important a man’s mother is to him, but being regularly compared to her mother-in-law can be taxing and make her feel as if you don’t regard her as an individual.

Sometimes, men make these comparisons while comparing their woman’s cooking to their mother’s or pointing out an irritating behavior that their ex-girlfriend missed. Many of these analogies are unintentional or made in a fit of anger, but the damage has been done irrespective of whether they were made on purpose or not.

6. Lying

Many men may lie about tiny things in the hope of upsetting their women. It irritates a woman even more if she discovers you’re lying, so be genuine. Even if she becomes enraged, you can always make things right.

7. Being Neglected

Some men neglect their girlfriend or wife if friends come over. This is an impolite act that shows your lack of concern.

8. Gadgets and Machine Obsession

A man can become so fascinated with gadgets, cars, and other “man gear” that a passionate interest becomes a compelling obsession that dominates their lives.

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9. Not wanting to have a Good Time

Girls simply want to have a good time! A woman wants to go out, travel, try something new, and enjoy herself. She’ll seek someone else to do it with if you prefer to remain at home and rest.

10. Being Pompous

Optimism is a good quality, but overconfidence is a deal-breaker. When men keep on talking about their cars, houses, wealth, and other belongings, the conversation becomes completely dead.

11. They aren’t Expressing their Feelings

Men are less open than women about their sentiments, and they choose to hide them rather than speak or deal with them. Women appreciate a man who isn’t afraid to express his feelings; it makes her feel very special to be the only one who knows what’s going on under his skin.

12. Lack of Attention to Detail

Notice and praise her when she does her hair or wears something special. Women feel upset when men don’t appreciate the little things women do, particularly if they put a lot of effort, time, or heart into them.

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