10 reasons why Sarojini market is a shopper’s paradise

Sarojini Market

Sarojini market is a hub for all shopping enthusiast who are crazy for shopping but don’t want to shed lot of money from their pocket. Spirited atmosphere, colorful clothes spread across the market attracts visitors, food vendors confined in every corner, hawkers roaming around luring you to buy stuff from them. The widespread cramped surrounding is a matter of fact a loot for trendy clothes.

How to reach:

Sarojini Nagar Market is well connected via metro and bus. There is a metro station in Sarojini Nagar itself connected through Pink Line. One can take sharing or independent auto from INA Metro Station as well on the yellow line. The market is closed on Monday whereas the best day to go there is Tuesday because new stock comes on Tuesday.


Sarojini Nagar market, lies in the sumptuous locality of Sarojini Nagar. Sarojini market is famous for its fashionable clothes at a very cheap price. The market takes care of the needs of the pocket friendly customer. From riches to middle class to lower middle class all shapes and size comes to Sarojini Market for shopping for all their daily needs. It is an overcrowded market. The best time to go there is 10.30 am in the market. Pick pocketing is also very common. So be careful and alert. I would advise don’t carry a lot of cash with you. Anyways it is not required as well because the stuff is so cheap that with few bucks you can buy many things.

Why it is famous?

Sarojini Nagar market is also known as bargain bazaar or budget bazaar. I call it as “sasti market”. It is famous for fashionable clothes to trending bags to voguish jewellery.  It is the best market where you can get electrifying stuff, tailor cut and colors. The stuff is either dismissed from export or the shopkeeper must have purchased in bulk on the basis of bunch weight or rejected with a minor defect. The market is very affordable, a basic t shirt cost worth Rs.100, a designer bra range starts from Rs.170, Jeans can be bought for around Rs.200, earrings will cost as cheap as Rs.20, winter overcoats starting from Rs.300, warm track pants Rs.100.

10 reasons why Sarojini Market is the best place for shopping this winter?


The track pants are low in cost and available in many colors.



The sweaters are cheap with lot of variety and designs



Control your temptation when you see these hand bags and clutches.



Jeans worth Rs. 100 could you ever imagine this?



Fashionable woolen caps and gloves keeps you warm. Don’t forget to check them out.



Affordable footwear in all shapes and size.


Sarojini Market


My personal recommendation – buy overcoats. They are available in multiple designs and colors.


Sarojini Market


Sweaters worth Rs. 50 unbelievable right?


Sarojini Market


Jewellery is something you can’t ignore.You will find everything there from head to toe.


Sarojini Market
Courtesy pic: www.youtube.com


Designer bra’s in all sizes and comfortable too.


Sarojini Market
Courtesy pic: www.justdial.com


Tips for you:

If you like something, don’t let the shopkeeper know about it, otherwise you won’t be able to settle on the price

Dress up as simple as you can, the seller will quote you the price looking at your appearance.

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