10 Essential Reasons You should never Give Up?

never give up

Life is full of surprises – sometimes good, sometimes bad. The circumstances keep changing, there will be all kinds of arduous situations but you should never give up even in the worst of the situation. Every dusk is a promise of dawn. Reasons why you should never give up:

1.You don’t want to regret all your life:

I don’t think so you want to regret in the future for giving up today. There will be a constant regret for the lost time, lost opportunity, lost chance and lost love. Just stay strong for a while and never give up. There is a saying, “if you don’t sacrifice for what you want today, what you want becomes the sacrifice in the future”. I wish I couldn’t have done that becomes the most haunting lines forever.

2. You want to feel success:

Success is the result of your efforts. Success is empowering. It helps you attain wealth and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. It satisfies your self-actualization need, makes you feel secured. You actually love it when it’s your own. Don’t you want to feel this all? Don’t you think so you deserve success? We all want to be successful isn’t? So, purge this feeling of giving up from your mind.

3. You don’t want to waste your life:

Can you even afford to that? We just have one life by letting go our dreams aren’t we wasting our life, our time. If you value time, you don’t want to waste it. Your time is limited; don’t be afraid to surrender the good for the best. Live your life the way you want to and never ever give up on your goals.

4. If you give up today then what next:

Let’s say if you give up today then what next? I know life is tough but only the tough gets going. If you surrender on your dreams today do you think you will ever be able to stick around what you want in the future. You really want to live a life where you have chosen an escape route. It’s now or never. Don’t come into the temptation of giving up mid way.

5. You are not a loser:

This is the last thing you really want to think about yourself. No matter who are, where you live, what you do for a livelihood, there will be time when you feel you aren’t worth it but hold on to that feeling and never give up. By thinking like this about yourself you are empowering your darkest thoughts. The best part is you are not alone thinking about it, there are many others who feel miserable and frustrated. Don’t isolate yourself with the thoughts of fear and worry. You are not a loser, you are a champion.

6. You don’t want to give people a reason to be happy:

This is 100% true, not everyone enjoys your success. They suffer from envy and jealousy and if you succeed in from of them they are not happy with it. So, when you give up it gives them a reason to celebrate your failure. People also fall into the trap of inferiority complex and start comparing and this makes them your critic. It also gives a message that you never considered yourself to come first.

7. You want to leave legacy:

It takes a lot of effort to achieve your goals. A job won’t let you leave legacy for the future generation. But what you are going to build today will let you and your future generation to live a fantastic life. If you give up, you will never excel and attain your gigantic desires, so never give up.

never give up

8. You have a lot of people to prove wrong:

Don’t you want to prove the naysayers wrong? People who have criticized you on every step, have pulled you back, the only way to take revenge is by proving them wrong. Impossible is nothing, start believing in your dreams and don’t miss the chance to see the sad faces who are unhappy with your success. It will surely give you a sadistic pleasure.

never give up

9. Struggle is part of the process:

Many successful people talk about the pains and the sorrows they have been through before attaining success. Don’t change the goal, change your attitude. Struggle is part and parcel of this journey. It adds to your experience and makes you a better and a learned person. It brings out your best. Without challenges, what will you share with people? How will you inspire them? A straight road is simple but curves make your victory worthwhile.

never give up

10. You can’t waste your time:

How can you even think of wasting your time by giving up. You are already half way chasing your dreams and by giving up in the middle you have wasted your time and energy. Time is limited and very precious, don’t waste it.

never give up
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I personally feel it’s a crime to give up your dream. Don’t be afraid of failing. When a toddler tries to walk and falls down several times, do you tell them to give up. Then how come you are giving up on your dream.

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