Common Lies – 10 White Lies We Say All The Time

Women may label men as liars, hypocrites, or dogs, but the truth is that everyone tells common lies for a variety of reasons. Is it true that honesty is always the best policy? Even if you say it is, you probably don’t believe it. Little common lies are part of your everyday routine, according to study, most people lie two to three times every ten minutes.

Why do we lie to others?

There are so many reasons why people lie that it would be impossible to list them all. However, avoiding punishment is the most typical reason for both adults and children when it comes to telling common lies. We tell a lot of common lies to avoid embarrassment, because they don’t want to hurt people and want to maintain their privacy.

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When we want to be likeable, we make up stories. Here are a handful of your favorite ruses or common lies.

1.I’m almost there

The most common lies are that I am only 5 minutes away or that I am just around the block. We may not have left our house or it may be an hour before we arrive. This is one of the most common lies we say on a regular basis.

2. “My phone battery died”

When you don’t want to talk to someone doing anything important, you tell a white lie to get out of a non-essential phone call.

It’s the ideal alibi in many ways, and it doesn’t hurt anybody’s emotions. However, don’t overdo it with it. Because the other person isn’t a moron, they’ll see right away that it’s a good strategy to get away from them.  It can also be used to explain nearly anything—an unread email, an unreturned voicemail, or a text you regret sending. Simply put it on the phone!

3. Your boy friend is fantastic

No, he is absolutely not. But you’re not going to tell your friend. Your friend may never speak to you again since you snubbed her guy, but if you keep your mouth shut, and she is dumped later. “Why didn’t you say something?!?” your friend will scream.

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4. “It’s wonderful to finally meet you”

You have not met this person in months and then you run into them at a party and have to act as if you’ve been looking forward to meeting them for a long time. Let’s face it: seeing them isn’t exactly thrilling.

5. I loved the Gift

Even if you hate the gift, or have one identical in your wardrobe, or dislike the style or colour. “What a great gift,” you’ll still say. This is one of the most common lies we say regularly.

6. “I had no idea you were there”

You noticed that person the moment you stepped in, but hoped they didn’t notice you. However, what if the other person approaches you and initiates a conversation. Hmmmm, what do you think you’ll say? Oh, I had no idea were here. We do it occasionally not to offend the other person, but because we don’t feel connected to them or have nothing in common to talk about.

7. “I’ll give you a call when I get a chance”

People mean “I’ll never call you” when they say this, so don’t bother returning the call.

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8. I got stuck in traffic

It’s a simple lie to sell blaming it on traffic. If you’re running late, this is a common excuse.

9. Iam busy during weekends

I wish I’d known sooner, but my weekend is already booked. This is one of the most common lies people tell when they don’t want to meet someone.

10. “Your new haircut is fantastic, and I adore your clothing”

The best lies are white common lies that have a positive impact on the remainder of a person’s day. Even if their haircut isn’t flattering or stunning, telling them that it is can brighten their day. People lie about how good you looked in a particular dress. People want to flatter others just to please them or remain in their good books.

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